Taking a little credit for ourselves

3 min readApr 25, 2023

Our ecosystem partner, Elastos, has had a busy few weeks announcing new partnerships. What might have been missed in all the excitement is the inclusion of CreDA’s AI oracle and how our credibility scoring protocol will factor into many of these collaborations.

Let’s break it down.

Elastos & Build It Merchants

Elastos and Build it Merchants have entered into a partnership that will see the unique and growing cross-gaming platform leverage many of Elastos’ decentralized technologies to help it accomplish its mission to bring the fun back to gaming on the blockchain.

A big aspect of this will be to increase overall trust within the platform and amongst gamers. To do this, Build it Merchants plan to create a trusted gaming environment by leveraging the decentralized nature of Elastos’ DID solution in partnership with CreDA, using a customized version of CreDA’s Credibility Oracle in order to reward and incentivize positive behaviour between users and the platform thereby fostering a strong sense of community and trust among gamers.

As the relationship progresses, we expect to publish a standalone announcement on this collaboration.

Elastos & OTSIT

The OTSIT Group, Asia’s sustainable community builder, and Elastos have entered a strategic partnership to deploy Elastos’ open-source Web3 solutions throughout OTSIT’s housing projects across Southeast Asia. The on/off-chain nature of the partnership is exactly the sort of environment where CreDA’s Credibility Oracle can thrive, because our models can incorporate both real-world and blockchain data to create custom credibility scores.

For this partnership, a major component of creating sustainable communities is to monitor, measure and incentivize positive sustainable behaviours, such as recycling, home energy savings and the reuse of resources. Through the partnership, OTSIT community residents will be able to automatically create and manage self-sovereign DIDs to log and track activities ranging from education to environmental behaviour, and map them to personalized sustainability ratings, further unlocking benefits and exclusive services. In all cases, citizens will own and control access to their data and credibility scores via Elastos’ native mobile super dApp, Essentials.

There are some similarities with this project and CreDA’s Credit4Good pilot in Brazil.

Elastos & Alibaba Cloud

Now this is an exciting announcement for our friends at Elastos.

The partnership with Alibaba will include the development of one-click tools that allow users to seamlessly launch validator nodes on Elastos’ blockchain platforms. This includes the Elastos Mainchain, one of the most secure blockchains in Web3 (merge-mined with Bitcoin), the Ethereum-compatible Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) and Elastos’ unique Elastos Identity Chain (EID). EID is the only public blockchain dedicated to secure, interoperable, self-sovereign identities and credentials, comprising a major part of CreDA’s technology stack.

This integration will not only allow Elastos developers to use Alibaba Cloud’s node-as-a-service offering, but will also allow Alibaba Cloud to offer its 2.3 million customers one-click deployment solutions and a backend AppStore using Elastos’ open-source Web3 technologies, including decentralized identity (DID), storage (Hive) and peer-to-peer communications solutions (Carrier).

While we can’t say exactly how CreDA fits within this partnership just yet, we’re also in discussion with Alibaba Cloud. For now, though, this partnership will make it easy to integrate CreDA when accessing DID solutions from Alibaba’s backend AppStore.

Elastos & Lifty

Lifty.io, a Web3 gaming platform that focuses on providing transparent game analytics, personal game tracking and leaderboards as well as access to gaming tournaments and a vibrant gaming community, has announced a strategic partnership with Elastos. This partnership is aimed to enrich the experience of Lifty users by providing access to the cutting-edge technologies developed by Elastos.

The partnership will see Lifty explore Elastos’ technology stack, including CreDA’s credibility oracle for its tracking and rewards program. It is early days so we will keep you updated as the partnership progresses.

What’s Next?

At CreDA, we’ve been keeping busy upgrading our Credit Oracle, developing our Brazil pilot and engaging investors and governments all interested in our unique approach to building credit and credibility for Web3. Stay tuned for more announcements from Elastos and we’ll let you know when CreDA too, is involved in the partnership.




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