Testing, testing. Is this Oracle on?

3 min readApr 23, 2024

UPDATE: June 10, 2024

We’ve completed testing for both the Ethereum Chain and Elastos Main Chain and users can now check their scores using our newly launched Dashboard.

We’re excited to announce that work is nearly completed on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) and we are now opening it up to the Elastos community for testing.

If you are interested to participate in testing on ESC, please reach out to @mikedave25 on telegram and be sure to check out our Q&A within our GitBook, where you can also find details about how we are weighting the CreDA Scores.

UPDATE: May 15, 2024

Testing of the CreDA Oracle is going well. We’ve had really thoughtful feedback and suggestions, which we’ve documented (and will continue to document) in our Q&A within our GitBook, where you can also find details about how we are weighting the CreDA Scores.

With the Main Chain complete, we continue to look for more community members who have held ELA on the Ethereum Chain to help us test the Oracle. In the coming weeks, we expect to begin our testing of the CreDA Oracle on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC).

See below for details on how to volunteer to help us test the Oracle. We will also be launching our new web interface to allow for a more complete user experience where users can see the breakdown of their score. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: April 29, 2024

Thanks to our amazing community members who put their hands up to help us test our MVP on the Elastos Main Chain. We’re now onto round two and looking for additional testers for the Ethereum Chain. If you’ve held ELA on Ethereum then we want you! Reach out to @mikedave25 on telegram to become a beta tester.

See below for more details.

Hello Elastos Community!

If you haven’t heard already, CreDA has been undergoing some changes to focus on providing data services for Web3. One of the first demonstrations of our new data service is a customized CreDA Credit Oracle tailored for a very special Elastos BeL2 Airdrop for the Elastos community. We’re excited to share that this custom oracle for the Elastos Main Chain is now completed and the Ethereum and ESC oracle is nearing completion. We’re currently undergoing testing and are looking for beta testers from the Elastos Community who want to be among the first to use and get a sneak peek at their Score.

You’ll get to explore how your interactions and balances on the Elastos Main Chain affect your score. You’ll gain access to valuable data and analytics displayed on your profile dashboard. So if you’ve been actively engaging with the Elastos Main Chain prior to 2024, we’d love to have you onboard!

Please reach out to @mikedave25 on telegram to become a beta tester.

If you’re new to CreDA and want to follow along on our progress, please subscribe to this blog, follow us on X, and join our Telegram community.




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