Win free tickets and explore how a Crypto Credit Score can unlock capital for 2 billion unbanked!

3 min readJan 24, 2022


Join CreDA at the Web 3.0 Conference on the 26th and 27th! Our newly minted CEO, Fakhul Miah will be sharing the stage with Dr. William Zhang, Lead Security Architect at the World Bank. Their discussion will center on how CreDA aims to mitigate risk and provide credit scoring for low collateral lending in DeFi, how this can be applied across Web3, helping create value in the metaverse and most importantly give access to capital to those who are not served by the current financial system.


Want to join us at Web 3.0 Conference? We’re giving away tickets to the first 100 people who go to, connect their wallet and share a screenshot of their score on Twitter, tagging @credafinance along with the hashtag #cryptocreditscore.

One lucky person will win an additional 100 $CREDA tokens!

Check out our Discord for details or follow the instructions below!

Why Attend Web 3.0 Conference?

One of the highlights of the Web 3.0 Conference will be the fantastic networking opportunities. The event will be attended by companies like Nasa, Elastos, Cyber republic, CreDA, Lockheed Martin, Niantic, Dfinity and so many more. Tech Circus collaborates with global clients, agencies, and organizations to bring the leading experts of the digital market together, for you.

The conference runs from 26–27 January 2022. CreDA’s session will be on the 27th at 2:15pm EST.

Giveaway Details

Here’s what you need to do to get a free Web 3.0 Conference ticket and be included in the lucky draw to win 100 $CREDA tokens!


1. Visit (1)

2. click ‘Connect Wallet’ and select MetaMask or WalletConnect (2)

3. Sync your crypto Credit Score (3)

4. Take a snapshot of your Crypto Credit Score.

5. Post it to your Twitter account, add tag @CreDAfinance + hashtag #CryptoCreditScore

(1) CreDA is deployed on Arbitrum, so when you visit make sure you are connected to Arbitrum One network. You will need some Arbitrum ETH (AETH) to pay for TX fee. If you need help setting up network, please visit help

(2) To connect your wallet, head to upper right corner of your screen and click “connect wallet”. Log in through your MetaMask or WalletConnect if you are accessing through other Web 3.0 wallet like Elastos Essentials.

(3) Head to Profile menu and select Sync next to Credit Score box. If you need help with steps, please visit help. Wait few moments and once you get your crypto Credit Score, continue with step 4.


First 100 people, that successfully executes all 5 steps before the CreDA session on January 27th, will receive a link with the code for a free ticket directly in their Twitter DM.

On Friday, January 28th, we will do a lucky draw for all people who successfully met the conditions of the contest. One person will be rewarded 100 $CREDA tokens.

Good luck to all participants.




CreDA is the world’s first decentralized credit rating service based on users’ on-chain data