AmbassaBirds Monthly Themes

6 min readFeb 28, 2022

Here’s where you will find the monthly themes for our Ambassabirds competition as well as the winners of the previous month’s competition.

The themes are tied to CreDA’s strategic announcements or directions for that month and will help guide the creation of written and visual content for our Word Bird and Fancy Bird competitions.

The themes are broad but we’ve provided some reasoning why it holds specific importance for CreDA, so that you can help us achieve our goals each and every month. Be sure to use the hashtags so that we can track your posts on social media and don’t forget to include your Discord invite link for your chance to win the Golden Goose Egg.

Month 6 — August, 2022 (Finished)

Theme: Birds of a feather, flock together

Meaning: We want to make friends with projects and people that share our values. To do this, we want the Ambassabird community to find creative and engaging ways to participate in relevant conversations and threads on key topics:

  • Security — Recent hacks, shady DAO members, rug pulls and other nefarious activity is hurting the prospects of Web3. CreDA can help create the trust architecture that underpins a decentralized web and ensures good actors are rewarded, while bad actors are left outside the gates.
  • Identity — Know your Client (KYC) requirements go against the ethos of Web3. CreDA’s DID technology allows people to remain anonymous while ensuring they are credible and trustworthy.
  • Personalization — In a decentralized web, how do you know your audience in order to market them effectively. CreDA’s technology provides GameFi, SocialFi and other Web3 applications the opportunity to understand and target their audience through custom parameters in order to offer exclusive access, preferred rates or other incentives.
  • Credit4Good — The Credit Paradox affects billions of people who can’t access traditional banking services. CreDA’s Credit Oracle can model off-chain data with on-chain data to create bespoke credit parameters that could allow specific groups of people an opportunity to build a credit history.

For this month, we are looking for artwork, writing and social posts that directly respond or contribute to conversations by other Web3 or even Web2 companies that have an interest in keeping bad actors out of their projects, that value data to mitigate risks and target their audiences with unique offerings, or that are working to provide access to capital for people who deserve credit where credit is due!

For content to be considered, it must be published as part of an existing thread, as a direct comment or tags relevant and potential partners who meet the criteria above.

Related terms: Partnership, shared values, trust, targeting, decentralized, anonymous.

Hashtags: #CreDA #AmbassaBirds #Web3 #trustarchitecture

Month 5 — July, 2022 (Finished)

Theme: Symbiosis: CreDA + Elastos!

Meaning: Oxpeckers are birds that share a symbiotic relationship with elephants, cleaning them of bugs and parasites and alerting them of predators. It’s fitting then that CreDA — whose logo is a bird — is deploying on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) — whose often represented as an elephant — to support Elastos’ advanced and integrated Web 3.0 ecosystem with the risk-mitigating, trust-enabling power of CreDA’s Crypto Credit Score and Soulbound credit NFT.

Projects on ESC will now have the opportunity to use CreDA’s unique anonymized data to better target products and services while DeFi apps on the network can better manage risk and offer loans with lower rates and collateral requirements. At the same time, CreDA will benefit from ESC’s speed and security, lower gas fees and cross-chain compatibility. See! Symbiosis!

For this month, we are looking for artwork, writing and social posts that share details of the many ways Elastos’ Web 3.0 ecosystem and CreDA will benefit and leverage each other’s technology.

At launch, these will include:

  • FilDA integration whereby non-collateralized loans can be obtained through the use of CreDA’s Crypto Credit Score minted as a Soulbound credit NFT
  • $CREDA tokens can be bridged …
  • CreDA’s cNFT uses Elastos’ DIF & W3C-compliant Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)
  • CreDA is compatible with the Elastos Essentials Super-Wallet application, which provides full management support for digital identity, contacts, decentralized storage, digital assets, voting, and smart contract operations.

But there could be many more applications and integrations. We encourage the ESC and CreDA communities to dream big!

Related terms: Elastos, ESC, Soulbound Tokens, Credit NFT, Web3, Symbiosis

Hashtags: #CreDA #AmbassaBirds #ESC #Symbiosis #Web3Ecosystem

Month 4 — June, 2022 (Finished)

Theme: CreDA cNFT: the original Soulbound Token (SBT)

Meaning: More than a year ago, in April 2021, Sunny Feng Han posted a Medium article explaining the concept behind CreDA’s Credit NFT (cNFT) and its ability to allow anonymous, interoperable, non-transferable, programmable, real-time credit scores minted on Layer 2. Over one year later, “Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul” was published by Microsoft researcher Glen Weyl, Puja Ohlhaver of Flashbots Ltd. and Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum Foundation. This paper discusses the concept of Soulbound Tokens (SBT) which share many of the same fundamental aspects and utility as CreDA’s cNFT, which is already operable and accessible at

For this month, we are looking for artwork, writing and social posts that highlight CreDA’s cNFT as the original Soulbound Token. We want to ensure CreDA’s cNFT is included in the discussions about SBTs, social trust and decentralized society (DeSoc) as the topics gain popularity in the crypto community.

The key attributes of CreDA’s cNFT are:

  1. Non-transferable (soul-bound, can only be owned to you)
  2. Non-fungible (unique, specific to the user)
  3. Contains a users real-time Credit Score/Profile
  4. Users are able to mint tokens (and NFTs) directly onto their cNFT to use as a form of collateral or proof of ownership and to mine
  5. Upgradeable (users are able to upgrade their cNFT if they meet certain requirements e.g. credit score, which unlocks additional benefits):
    - Free claimable CREDA tokens
    - Increased saving rates
    - Reduced borrow rates
    - Improved liquidation thresholds
    - Increased DOA weight bonus
    - Additional perks, memberships and access across partner platforms

For more details, please refer to:

Related terms: Soulbound Tokens, Credit NFT, Web3, Decentralized Society (DeSoc)

Hashtags: #CreDA #AmbassaBirds #SoulboundToken #SBT #cNFT #Web3 #DeSoc

Month 3 — May, 2022 (Finished)

Theme: Credit4Good

Meaning: CreDA recently created a Medium post detailing our view of what we are calling ‘The Credit Paradox’. And at the recent Global DeFi Conference, we announced the launch of our program Credit4Good, which looks at addressing the Credit Paradox and its impact on three key areas:

  1. Global Food Security — how access to credit can support rural farmers, supply chains and the wider food systems to ensure greater access to food around the world.
  2. The Climate Emergency— how the changing climate is impacting developing countries and families who need credit to relocate and rebuild. Also, how access to credit can support local sustainable businesses to thrive.
  3. Global Inclusion — how the world’s traditional banking systems predominantly exclude women, minorities and communities seen as ‘other’ in their societies.

For this month’s theme, let’s imagine the people that Credit4Good could help around the world, now or in the future. By unlocking access to credit for the nearly 4 billion people without credit histories we can create jobs, feed more people, support climate refugees and build more equity in the world. We can also add $250 billion a year to the global GDP. It’s what DeFi was meant to do and it’s how CreDA is giving credit where credit is due.

Related terms: Credit Paradox, DeFi, Unbanked, Crypto Credit.

Hashtags: #CreDA #AmbassaBirds #Credit4Good #CreditParadox

April Winners you can see here

Month 2 — April, 2022 (Finished)

Theme: CreDA in the Metaverse

Thanks everyone for your participation. The AmbassaBirds program is going strong! We will update Month 2 winners shortly.

AmbassaBirds Rewards

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