Twenty-Twenty-Two — A Year in Review

6 min readDec 19, 2022

While CreDA has quietened down the last few months, it’s because we’ve been laying down the bricks on our road to success in 2023. It’s been a wild year and so in preparation for the next one, let’s look back at our successes. Thanks to our community, our partners and our team for a great year. Here’s to the next!

Name Change

We changed our name from Credit DeFi Alliance to Credit Data Alliance to align with our broader goals of building the trust architecture for Web3.

Low Collateral Loans Through a Partnership with FilDA

Early in 2022, CreDA announced its official partnership with decentralized lending protocol FilDA, to offer exclusive lending rates to CreDA users with strong Crypto Credit Scores. The first real proof of concept for CreDA’s score.

A new CEO

Fakhul Miah was named as CreDA’s CEO at the start of 2022. Through his leadership, CreDA headlined multiple conferences, brokered major partnerships and built a more robust credit model. Not a bad way to start the year!

And a new head of Credit Risk Modelling, a New CTO and a New Head of ESG

We Introduced Fred Dinez to the CreDA team as our new Head of Credit Risk Modelling to lead the development of CreDA’s new and improved Credit Oracle. Hossein Sharif, Head of Blockchain Cryptocurrencies and FinTech (BCF) Research Group at Newcastle Business School joined as CTO. We also onboarded Jon Hargreaves as Environmental, Social & Governance Officer to lead our #Credit4Good program

CreDA Made the List:

CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listed $CREDA and CreDA was officially added to Sushi. So does that mean we’ve made it?

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

While technically launched at the end of 2021, CreDA’s consumer brand campaign gained traction at the start of 2022, driving thousands of people to to get their Crypto Credit Score and introducing even more people to the concept of decentralized credibility scores. The main campaign video is even more appropriate today for those that have weathered the recent crypto winter and continue to hodl into 2023.

Web 3.0 Conference

At the end of January, CreDA was a headliner at the Web 3.0 Conference along with the World Bank. It was here that we coined the term ‘the Credit Paradox’ and laid out the plans for our Credit4Good programme.

Partnerships with Decentralized Social Platforms

In February, we partnered with Project Galaxy and CyberConnect to allow their social platform users to access additional DeFi functionalities on while CreDA users could improve their credit score by connecting their off-chain data through the Galaxy and CyberConnect platforms.

Around this time we also launched CreDA’s Credit Network (cNetwork) the industry’s first social graph providing guarantor functionality for DeFi loans.

Gave Away Special Edition CreDA Tiger NFTs for CNY

At CreDA’s first AMA, we gave away one of only a few limited CreDA NFTs minted for the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.

Launched Ambassabirds Programme

Also in February, we launched our community engagement programme called the Ambassabirds! With unique monthly competitions and prizes, as well as badges like Word Bird and Bird Brain, it was a fun and interactive way for our community to participate in our growth while earning perks and tokens.

Hosted a Panel at the Global DeFi Conference

At the Global DeFi Conference, our CEO, Fakhul Miah hosted a unique panel of experts from the World Bank, Brazil and India in what kicked off our first pilot under the Credit4Good programme.

Soulbound Credit Scores

In response to the paper, “Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul” published by Microsoft researcher Glen Weyl, Puja Ohlhaver of Flashbots Ltd., and Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum Foundation, CreDA’s CEO, CTO and Board Advisor published a whitepaper on how CreDA’s DID-linked Credit NFT acts as a form of soulbound token and how this concept can be taken further into the realm of credibility scores. This launched a new and unique product in collaboration with Elastos called the Credit DAO.

CreDA Launched Officially on Elastos

In a sort of homecoming, CreDA deployed its Crypto Credit Score and rating service on Elastos Smart Chain (ESC).

Launched the Brazilian Pilot for Credit4Good

In September, CreDA entered a partnership with Ager Solutions who provide satellite geo-tagged data of farms in Brazil. Through CreDA’s unique Credit Oracle, that data is pulled on-chain along with the farmers’ own Crypto Credit Score to develop a unique and robust score specifically designed to identify and mitigate risks for lending to farmers. This opens up amazing opportunities for farmers who have been lacking access to affordable credit as well as for lenders who didn’t have a good way of assessing the risk for lending to farmers. In the end, it’s the people of Brazil who win, because more locally produced food means lower prices and greater access that provides greater food security for everyone.

Spoke at #HowWeb3WillReshapeTheInternet hosted by HIBOAT Media.

CreDA CEO, Fakhul Miah participated in a panel and gave a compelling talk about the opportunity for blockchain technology and soulbound credit in Africa.

Also Spoke At:

Fakhul also participated in Cryptopia to talk about soulbound tokens, later joining the DeFi panel to discuss CreDA’s role in building trust for Web3.

Most recently, Fakhul spoke at the Rise/Barclays event where he shared CreDA’s story.

Got Ink Across Numerous Publications

Our efforts driving thought leadership in the realm of soulbound credit and our passion projects linked to Credit4Good have resulted in great coverage for CreDA in 2022. Here are a few for you to peruse over the holiday period:

Cointelegraph — Decentralized credit scores: How can blockchain tech change ratings

Forkast — OpEd on how soulbound tokens can lift billions of lives around the world

Yahoo Finance — CreDA Partners with FilDA to offer Leveraged and Low-Collateral Lending

The Crypto Updates — Is Alternative Credit Scoring the Solution for the Underbanked?

TechBullion — CreDA is Introducing Personal Credit Scores to Decentralized Finance

Coin Codex — Creating a New Decentralized Finance Standard — The CreDa Vision

Food Ingredients First — article on CreDA’s Credit4Good pilot with farmers in Brazil

PYMNTS — Overview of crypto credit scores and what they can be used for

CryptoMode — CreDA: Prioritizing Financial Inclusivity

We probably missed a lot. So if you were witness to any more of CreDA’s glorious achievements in 2022, please share in the comments!

Thanks again to our community, partners and team. 2023 will be the year of Crypto Credibility!




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